Embroidery license for the lifetime ELEMENTS drive

Regular price $250.00

This embroidery license is good for when you purchase the lifetime ELEMENTS drive. This is a one time payment when you buy the lifetime drive. This will allow you to digitize any of the elements in that drive to sell in embroidery format only. You MAY NOT sell the PNG as is . This license allows you to digitize any of the elements in the lifetime drive to make for your physical or digital embroidery products to sell. You can sell as many products physically or digitally in embroidery format only. You may NOT sell my clipart as is, you can only turn into embroidery format and sell the embroidery formats only.  You are the sole owner of the license and not allowed to share the license with any one else. You may not gift, share, give away any of the elements or licenses when purchasing these. YOU MUST PURCHASE THE DRIVE AND THE LICENSE OR THE ACCESS WILL BE REMOVED.